Decorative Finishes

To round out Portalais’ offering of authentic Old World architectural elements, they bring the beautiful art of natural Lime based painting to their client’s homes. This process of mixing lime and natural earthen color pigments is the world’s oldest method of decorating walls. The natural elements found in the area were used to color and decorate the buildings of the time. Portalais brings this process and techniques to our clients with a trained team of artisans lead by Patrick Bornemann. Patrick had spent many years training and teaching in France and Italy as a certified restorer of French and Italian historical buildings. The tried and proven methods along with only certified natural elements were to be used on historical sites. It was discovered that these processes stood the test of time better than modern materials as they allowed the walls to “breathe”. This breathing stopped any moisture collection which over time causes rot and destruction. It worked so well on old buildings that it would seem only natural it would work like this on new construction. On exteriors, Portalais offers a variety of lime based applications over stucco.
Lime Washing over the finish color coat of stucco is most popular. Another is a lime based stucco for the finish coat which consists of both Sand and Lime and Integrated Natural Color Pigment.
On interior walls, Portalais’ team can apply Lime Washing (like painting) over simple finished drywall without a pre-plaster base or Italian Marmorella or Marmorino finishes over simple Level 3 sheetrock walls. An extraordinary array of colors from a simple 12 basic natural pigments from Italy and France are blended with lime or plaster to create a color and texture pallet not possible with any other process.On top of all of this, you have the added benefit of a natural biocide that is contained in the Lime Wash process that keeps mold and mildew away!
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