French Limestone

Custom Stonework

Portalais’ artisans in Provence are highly trained in the craft of stone cutting and carving. They can produce that custom design you have always wanted in solid limestone or marble. Hand cut limestone is their specialty and is great for fireplace mantels, trumeaus and fountains. Staircases of solid limestone in your choice of quarried stone are shown here in production. Give us your design idea or ask your designer or architect to contact Portalais to estimate the commissioning of that special stone piece for your home.

Fireplaces in Stone and Wood

Portalais has installed many one of a kind antique fireplaces over the past 5 years and many more custom made fireplaces in solid limestone. Typically our custom fireplaces are designed after antique ones previously available. Our sources have been plentiful for that special 16th to 19th century fireplace though supplies are dwindling fast. Our stone cutters and French artisans are talented in the art of “aging” that makes these new pieces look and feel hundreds of years old. Sometimes our clients prefer a new stone look and choose a quarried stone to their liking to have their fireplace made from. Our custom wood craftsmen also build fireplace surrounds in Walnut, Oak and Cherry. These can be a gorgeous addition to the home. These are also custom made to your architect’s specifications.


Antique fountains are difficult to find today however there are new fountains containing some antique elements that can provide that interest. Most of the fountains Portalais commissions are new construction following traditional designs of the past. Wall fountains, courtyard fountains or mangers adapted with a stone head spout can all be built of solid limestone. Virtually anything is possible and a variety of water features can be incorporated. Installation is not complicated but should be done by those familiar with heavy solid limestone pieces. Production to delivery typically takes 3 months unless one is in stock.

Limestone Elements

Many unique limestone pieces come available through Portalais. Mangers (troughs) in antique stone are great yard pieces and can be used as planters, sinks or fountains. These elements were carved from a solid block of limestone many over 100 years old and were used as watering troughs for livestock in France. Portalais will load these a few at a time in our regular scheduled container shipments and keep the freight cost low. We make these available to our customers at a very low cost for something this old and from so far away! Don’t miss out on one of these Mangers. Stay in touch with to see what they bring in next!

Stone Flooring

Old lime stone flooring “Bars” from France hundreds of years old can be in your home in that special location. There is nothing like walking on stone flooring that has been under feet for that many years and has seen so much history. Of course there is a limited supply of this old stone so it is on a quote by availability basis only. For the new stone, Portalais has many beautiful cuts in several patterns quarried and cut in France to your specifications.