Our clients return from their travels in Europe and have fallen in love with the classic, timeless look and feel of the architecture. They want to recreate a home in the style of a "Maison de Bordeaux", a castle in the Loire Valley, a summer home in Provence or a classic Tuscan farmhouse. A great architectural design becomes a home when the important elements like windows and doors, stone and finishes, flooring and roof tiles all come together to make a beautiful end result.However, it can be difficult and very time consuming for the home owner or architect to source these elements in France and Italy.
Portalais helps facilitate the process of purchasing at the source, arranging transportation, packaging and ocean freight, import duty, dock & brokerage fees, off-loading, warehousing & delivery to site. In addition, we provide input for pre-install and installation along with warranty and service support. For those clients wanting to hunt for the perfect element themselves, Portalais will help by arranging consolidation of items for shipping from one point in France or set up special shopping tours to unique and out of the way sources for wood and stone products.