The warmth and beauty of solid wood is one of the reasons our clients choose all wood fenestration products. PORTALAIS specializes in contemporary and traditional designs from domestic and European manufacturers. We also offer authentic period design French architectural windows and doors in restored antique and reproduction.

Design creativity coupled with the latest in manufacturing methods equals a custom door & window package. Many different wood species are available along with a wide selection of architectural styles. Window styles include Casement, French Casement, Push-out, Turn/Tilt, Pivot, Awning, Hopper, Double Hung. Door styles include Swing, Lift & Slide, Lift and Slide Pocketing & Corner units, French Doors, Stacking Doors and Entry Doors.

A vast choice of finishes in stain or paint plus the availability of matching trim and base casing make our wood products a customer choice. All European made hardware is used throughout for the best in function and performance.


Located in Antigua, Guatamala, an area rich in the history of woodworking and home to generations of local craftsmen and women, CAOBA DOORS manufactures custom wooden doors and windows exactly the way you envisioned them, down to the finest detail. Their ability to provide customers with more options, better raw materials, decades of experience and cutting edge products at economical pricing is a distinct advantage. Their commitment to the environment starts with manufacturing sustainable products engineered with materials designed to endure the test of time. Products are meticulously inspected during all phases of the manufacturing process to assure they meet client expectations. At CAOBA DOORS, their products are built to provide lasting beauty, durability and performance long after your investment.

At Arcadia Custom, we realize every piece of natural wood is as beautiful as it is practical, which is exactly why it’s our choice in creating the most distinctive homes. From Mahogany and Alder to Fir, Rustic Oak, Cedar, Walnut and Cherry, every species has a distinct feel and wonderful personality
Like a fingerprint, you will never find two pieces of wood that are exactly the same, and no other material that captures its special texture, elegance and charm. Wood’s artful form is matched by its superb functionality. Capable of being shaped, molded and textured to fit a variety of architectural needs, wood is highly versatile. What’s more, wood is a natural insulator, protecting your home from outside elements.

Long before it was fashionable to reclaim and restore old materials, Atelier de la Boiseries began with the restoration of their own petit ‘farmhouse’. Beginning with a few antique doors and a stripping tank, the ‘farmhouse’ began to take shape. Friends became excited about what they saw and placed orders. Atelier de la Boiseries was born.

Atelier de la Boiseries produces a myriad of doors, windows, shutters, kitchens, gates, floors and paneling. All untilizing the skills of their carpenters and cabinet makers trained in the Old Arts of hand carving and joinery. 




Ateliers Perrault Frères have been providing exclusive window and door products for more than 250 years – it is now in the 8th generation of management by the Perrault Family.
Despite their scale, APF remain artisans at heart. With one hundred highly skilled and passionate craftsmen, their unique structure combines all the advantages of industrialized production methods with the flexibility of hand crafted fabrication. Portalais can assist clients in benefiting from APF’s many years of acquired know-how and unequalled Research and Development resources to complete the most demanding and personalized projects.
APF products are tested in house during development and by official laboratories for validation. Regular control testing and disciplined workshop procedure assure the quality expected by our clientele.