Parquet panels from old Chateaus or old planks refinished or left untouched can be a unique addition to your home. New wood planks or parquet in various patterns are obtainable from France or high end domestic suppliers.

Through unique and exclusive partnerships, PORTALAIS offers access to an extensive stock of solid wood floors, as well as reclaimed/antique wood flooring.


Massive, Luxurious, European Flooring

Sourced primarily from Scandinavian, and other north European Countries, Europa Woods specializes in massive 3-ply engineered flooring planks in three uniquely beautiful species—Mineral Streaked White Oak, Mountain Douglas Fir, and Dark Red Oak.

Europa woods specializes in two uniquely luxurious and spectacular collections: 

• Massive wide- plank engineered wood floors from Germany, in Oak, Douglas fir, and Fir 

• Massive wide- plank engineered wood floors from Italy, in Oak, Walnut, Teak and Larch

Our wood planks come in widths to a massive 19 inches, and lengths to 18 feet! There is nothing in the world that compares with these collections. 


Chateau Napoleon

CENDRÉ means oxidized or ashen in French, and Chateau Napoleon’s French oxidized black walnut flooring is considered by many to be the most beautiful hardwood flooring in the world.

Design Driven Manufacturing intertwined with a commitment to Value, Excellence, Community and the Environment.

Specializing in Antique and Reclaimed floorboards sourced from across the US and Europe, Portalais offer clients the opportunity to achieve a final floor that not only has historical relevance but also a natural product with original features that make a striking addition to your interior design.

Reclaimed wood looks stunning, is highly individual and works with both traditional and contemporary design schemes. We offer genuine reclaimed timber sourced from a number of different suppliers and all carried in sufficient quantities to ensure continuity of supply.